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SHINee Fic: Unknown

so this be the world we live in.
various, fandom au

This is utterly craptastic. Just. FYI.

1. Onew has always been a quiet fandomer. Write a few fanfictions here and there, comment on someone's graphic post once in a while, etc. The only people on his f-list never comment on any of his stuff (most likely because he really only posts about school and homework and who the fuck cares about school and homework), and, honestly, they'd probably only friended him in the first place because they were all n00bs and friended everyone that replied to anything they posted. Onew has many of these n00bs on his f-list because he always feels sorry for them and posts comments just to make them feel better which then results in the friending of these n00bs and that, too, he finds he can not refuse.

Key, on the other hand, yells at Onew for not having a backbone, especially since they're on the internet and no one really gives a shit if you're nice or not on the internet, and frequently posts his thoughts in replies to the comments Onew leaves for the stupid n00bs which Onew never knows about because he can't track threads (because he doesn't have a paid account) like Key - who prides himself in his massive 136 icons space.

'cute?' he types. 'are you blind? bitch, plz. taemin could do better fanart with a paper bag over his head and three fingers and a hand missing.'

His comments often get deleted but it's not like he cares anyway. Instead he goes over to omonatheydidnt and posts the new pictures of 2PM that had just surfaced on soompi and bitches with other people about how much he hates Nichkhun's haircut.

2. Taemin has 210 friends. He's not quite sure who most of them are, but they seem nice enough and comment on all of his posts, regardless of what he says, so he keeps them around for much the same reason as Onew does his; he'd feel mean if he cut them.

Key hates this fact, though, because Taemin does not write fanfiction. He does not make icons or layouts. He is not an infamous troll nor does he comment much on anyone's stuff. And. Well. What other reason is there to be on livejournal? Blogging? Who reads that shit anymore? Key does not understand why so many people want to be friends with Taemin, regardless of how nice he is online. (Look at Onew, for example. He's a fucking pussy and no one wants to friend him.)

'i think taemin needs to do a friends cut :/,' Key IMs Jonghyun.

'y?' Jongyun replies a minute later.

'someone just gave him a birthday post and he doesn't know who they are or when they became friends. )<.'

'gr8 4 u :),' Jonghyun sends back.

Key keysmashes and angry faces at him for a total of three minutes before he stops caring.

Jonghyun does not reply for another fifteen minutes (by which time Key has already moved on and is going around omonatheydidnt and posting IA or MTE on everyone's comments in the latest 'Who Wore It Better' poll.

After uploading a few new pictures of himself (all self-taken, all perfect, one-of-a-kind, beautiful myspace-worthy shots), Key uploads them to photobucket and links them over to Jonghyun.

'look at me! \ ^^/,' Key says.

Jonghyun does not reply at all this time, so Key decides to continue. 'i'm wearing a louis vuitton bag in one of the pictures. 8].'

When Jonghyun does not reply for the tenth time that hour, Key posts a bitchy rant complete with sparkle text and hidden music, reveling in the many comments of 'WTF. I CLOSED, LIKE, 20 BAJILLION TABS TRYING TO FIND WHERE THAT DAMN MUSIC WAS COMING FROM,' and 'INORYT? IT'S IN THE SPARKLE TEXT, ISN'T IT?' to which he replies 'lol pwned,' along with a macro of Onew falling on his ass, captioned with 'BUTTERFACE FAILS LESS THAN YOU, BITCH.'

Onew kindly asks for Key to remove the macro.

Key's reply is another macro with 'BITCH, PLZ,' written at the bottom.

Onew leaves it at that.

3. Jonhyun spends most of his time online downloading music and chatting with fellow fans about upcoming shows for his favorite artists. He's known on livejournal for his sophistication as a fandomer and is friends with practically every single BNF around.

Key thinks he is boring as shit, but keeps him on his f-list for connections purposes anyway.

'BETA my fic?' he asks Jonghyun one night while chatting on MSN.

Jonghyun sends back, 's'long as it dsn't include gay guyz. :).'

Jonghyun nudges him a few minutes later when Key still hasn't replied only to find out Key has signed out completely.

4. 'BETA my fic?' Key asks Taemin because Taemin is sophisticated and somewhat of a BNF (and more useful than Jonghyun when it comes to BETAing).

'Sorry. I can't. :( I'm already correcting Onew's fanfic,' is Taemin's reply.

Key blankfaces at his computer and types, 'onew writes fanfiction? ...since when?'

'Uhm. You can read it if you like. :).' Taemin links him to Onew's fanfiction entry.

5. 'you should never ever ever ever ever write fanfiction,' Key IMs to Onew.

';__________;,' says Onew.

'ever,' Key adds, just for good measure before signing off.

6. Jonghyun, Onew, and Taemin first discover Minho when Key posts about this awesome fanfic that he read, raving about the characterizations and how it had him bawling by the last paragraph. Jonghyun, of course, does not read it because it is slash and that's always sort of creeped him out, but Taemin reads it. He's quite pleasantly surprised with the story and gives an eloquent review, complete with quotes and italics and detailed thoughts on what he liked.

Onew reads it also, but Onew reads almost every fanfiction that's posted so it really doesn't mean much on whether or not he reads it, and replies with, ':DDDDDDD cute story!!! i <3333333333 the ending. write more plz. :3.'

Key comments on his undying love for Minho before being *shot*.

7. Onew friends Minho because Onew has started semi-internet-stalking the other boy and has discovered that they pretty much ship all of the same pairings.

'add me plz? :3,' he writes on Minho's 'FRIENDS ONLY' post.

No one's really sure why Minho friends him back, but he does anyway.

8. Onew likes lj because it lets him get away from the stresses of 'rl' for a few hours.

It sort of blows his mind when he realizes that almost every single DBSK member has an account, too, and immediately goes about whimpering to Key, asking if he should friend them or not or if they'll friend him back. He dithers around like a twitchy, shaking poodle for about three minutes before he realizes Key has not once answered any of his frantic messages. This, of course, all being before he realizes that Key had signed out five minutes ago. When Onew had first signed in.

Onew decides that he'll wait for DBSK to friend him first (to be safe).

9. Minho rarely updates. It's not surprising or agitating, just a simple, accepted fact of life. Like how one should never, ever, ever in a million years of living or under any circumstances no matter how grave wear socks with sandals. Or like how Key must always look good (even when he doesn't). What is, is, and all of Minho's friends have come to terms with the fact that he most likely only posts once every millennium.

It does come as a surprise, then, when Minho dedicates a special post to Onew. Half of it is the prologue to a chapter fic that he is planning to write soon, but jaws drop anyway at the mere, minuscule namedrop.

'They're actually friends?' fellow lj-ers gossip to each other in hate memes, keys clacking faster than one can blink. 'I thought Minho friended him out of pity...'

Onew himself is confused for a bit. Until he gets an unknown add on MSN - smentboy101 - which turns out to be Minho. They chat for a few hours (well, mostly Onew chats and fills in dead space), and though highly improbably and unexpected, they bond within a matter of days.

Key wants to kill himself as Minho hasn't even added him yet. He will soon, though. Surely. No BNF ever passes up Key as a friend. It goes against the rules of lj-fandom. So he will. Shortly. He has to.

10. Taemin does a friend cut.

Half of the world cries at their computers, mouses still hovering over the little scissors picture.

Taemin, however, is happy to say that he can recognize who everyone is on his f-list now without asking them.

11. Minho messages Onew on MSN one night. 'hello,' he says.

'HI!!! :D' Onew replies.

'i was wondering if you wouldn't mind meeting up some time. for coffee or something.'

Onew has to pause and re-read this several times before he finally soaks in the fact that Minho has just typed something that was over 3 words - most of which include yeah, ia, or yup.

'Okai,' Onew types back (because he is innocent and trusting, so very very trusting). 'wat time and were?'

12. Onew drags Key along with him to his semi-not-really-but-kinda-maybe date with Minho. Key grumbles on about how he found Minho first and he should be the one being invited to luncheons instead of stupid, badfic!writer Onew.

Onew ignores him and smiles so wide his face feels like it's going to split open.

The meeting is a tad awkward at first as Minho talks even less in real life than he does online, but it gets surprisingly easier as time goes on. Even when Key declares that he must take his leave for 'writing purposes' and whatnot, Onew barely blinks before he's once again chatting amicably to a half-attentive Minho.

"-and that's how I got my shoe stuck in the gymnasium railing. But um." Onew fiddles with his hoodie strings. "Hey, I was wondering..."

Minho picks at his nails.

"Why me?"

"Because," says Minho. Onew bats his eyelashes in confusion.

"Oh," he says. "Okay. Smile!" He whips his camera out in front of them and takes a few pictures for lj updates when he gets home.

13. Things all sort of come together when Jonghyun, Key, and Taemin are arguing on an anonymous hate meme.

'You could have phrased that better,' Taemin types in response to Key's paragraph long rant on FT Island's Hongki and how he needs to change his hair color ASAP.

'ia. :)))' says Jonghyun.

To which Key asks, 'is this onew? >('

And Onew has to reply because he's been lurking around this thing for ages and, well, now that his name is mentioned...

'nope!!!!! :) this iz me. :)' is what he says.

Minho comments randomly back to Onew and says, 'hi,' and then suddenly a five-way conversation begins to blossom. It's mostly Key yelling and foaming at the mouth while Onew continues to blabber on in hopes of calming him down, but it cements them all as a clique anyway, despite being random, out-of-the-blue, unlikely, and nearly unthinkable and other whatsits. As most great things begin in lj.

14. There is a point where Jonghyun sort of falls off the face of the earth, claiming to be getting back into school or something, and Taemin politely declares an indefinite hiatus as he is finally (finally) graduating into high school, and Onew - who really only uses lj to talk to his friends - realizes that everyone is dropping out and slowly weens himself off of his minor lj addiction (everyone has one; really) and only talks to Minho on MSN once in a while, and Key, the ever infamous fandomer, finds a few new fandoms to latch onto and busies himself with memorizing all 27 members' birthdays and vows to friend them once they get an lj account.

In short, it's that period where the fandom world starts to slow down. And Onew, diligent and determined, takes this time to practice his fanfiction writing.

'do ya think. i dunno. do you think that you could maybe possibly. idk.' Onew is hesitating.

'what?' Minho types back, half in annoyance and half in actual curiosity. Onew is always incoherent, but tonight he's really bad.

'beta my fic? ;~;' Onew types really, really fast.

'sure,' says Minho.

Onew waits patiently for Minho to read it. He comments back not even a few minutes later.

'hyung,' he says. 'what does /she left the while trampling around the front lawn, jake noticed a tiny silver wring on the stairs/ mean?'

'o,' Onew replies. 'i rote that? ...:D'

Minho blinks and begins re-writing Onew's fic.

ZOMG I AM NEVER WRITING SHITFIC LIKE THIS AGAIN. OH MY GOD. AO;WIJE;ALS. Please yell at me to delete this. Or correct my horrible, hair-ripping-worthy, cringe-inducing inconsistencies. *bawls*

For SHINee. Whom I hope will never ever ever ever ever ever ever read this.


And for dubulove because I LUUUUUURV him even if he is sort of MIA. ♥♥♥
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